"Knowledge says knowledge is hard. Let’s go shopping."

I think about this video a lot because it was the first video on Youtube to make me think about things. It made me realize that Web videos could be used to teach and entertain at the same time. Weird how I think about these things.

Anyway, this video turned 8 years old yesterday. What the heck.

Would you eat your goddamn slice?”

The blonde could not find the words to be furious, so instead she picked up the slice and tore into it. That part of the slice was still hot. It flew out of her mouth with the force of a 4 train.

“I said eat it, not inhale it,” Mallory said.

From a WIP short story. Can you tell that it takes place in New York? I can.

I’ve got friends who — they have their jobs and they realize that they’re gonna be doing this for the rest of their lives. I don’t wanna be like that. I don’t wanna do this 20 to 25 years down the road. I’m gonna get burnt out. You know? I don’t want that.

A New York City police officer at the Bowling Green station, overheard as the train was being held at the station. 7/28/14, 8:42 A.M.

At the bar, 3:45 AM

- I met a girl who said all of her boyfriends had been Jewish.
- I met a girl who asked me what I was writing.
- I met a girl who told me that religion was stupid.
- I met a girl who told me that she quit her job and flew to Africa.
- I met a girl who said that she was looking for forever.
- I didn’t get her number, and I don’t know if I’ll remember her name.
- That’s good.
- That’s fine.
- At least I talked to someone new.
- That’s all I care about.