Don’t let the community die

Two things I value highly in people are:

  • Love for community
  • Transparency

Generally, this is why I don’t trust most businessmen.

I started watching The Chris Gethard Show because of how open the community was. There was honesty, and there was integrity, and from that came a sense of truth and belonging. It didn’t matter what the show was about. Everyone was having fun, and hanging out with friends, and having a good time making great art.

Whether the show dies or continues, we can’t let the community die. Too many great things have truly died because their communities evaporated overnight. TCGS has such a tight-knit group of artists and intellectuals, and that group is constantly growing. I am confident that this community could live on without the show, because we are open and honest people who love having fun. 

But we have to never give that up. Sick days are allowed. Early retirement is forbidden.

Let’s keep the community alive. Let’s stay in touch online. Let’s meet up. Let’s keep making great art. Let’s make our own shows. Let’s make each other laugh. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other. But most importantly, let’s be able to say to ourselves: “I appreciate what there was yesterday, and I wonder what I can do today.”

I’m still trying to figure out how to do that. When I do, I’ll let you know. We’re a community. We have to stick together.

Don’t hurt each other.

I’m still confused about what you want to do.


List of things I want to do with my life:

  • Write/shoot/edit videos for a living.
  • Continue to produce silly personal videos for fun.
  • Explore all of NYC — and beyond — until there is literally not one corner left untouched.
  • Visit friends in faraway places.
  • Not be tied down to things I don’t like.
  • Find more friends who I can be weird with.
  • Continue to figure out who I am, what I want to do with my life, and where I should be at any moment.
  • Find help, and in return, be able to help back.

I have never been more sure of these things. I am young and idealistic and I will believe in myself if I want to, for heck’s sake. 

Anonymous asked:

You lived with nature your whole life. You had to move to NYC to commune with it?

Hi Mom,

I have always loved nature. I’ve always loved communing with nature.

I loved nature so much that I got lost in the woods when I was 14. Better yet: It was during a wedding shower.

I like the big city, but I always like nature. Having a balance is good, you know what I mean?